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Foldy Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

By maximising supply chains, we save both environmental and financial resources. It's about working together to develop smarter production and packaging solutions while maintaining a high level of respect for people and ethical standards. This helps to ensure a better future for our customers, society, and the environment. We are best Packaging Solution Company in India , as well as Corrugated Packaging Boxes Online in India, Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Manufacturer.

Infrastructure :-

  • • Production capacity : 1,60,000 sq. Ft. Ply boxes / Ply wood
  • • area size : 15000 sq. Ft.
  • • we are a family of 50+
  • • Working people.

On a global scale, packaging :-

  • • One of the greatest benefits of working with FOLDY PACKAGING PVT. LTD is that it can be used for anything.
  • • In fact, we are the only company in the world with a global network.
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Teams capable of Providing :-

  • • The know-how required to create and test your packaging for country-specific circumstances;
  • • The know-how required to create and test your packaging for country-specific circumstances;
  • • Arrives in perfect condition;
  • • From one box to tens of thousands of people all over the world.
Foldy Packaging
Our Business
Our extensive corrugation boxes are supplied to suit a wide applications namely Food, Beverages, Electronics, Groceries, Glassware, commercial, & Industrial Tools.
Our Specialty
Foldy Packaging is more versatile, as it provides several benefits to our customer needs. We make various attractive boxes with different style and shape.
Intgrating clients with partners is the focus of everyday business. We deliver value-added products for which our customers just love to work with us.
Foldy Packaging
Foldy Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

Why Us?

• Upon request, we can provide Material as well as packaging Services.
• Our quality assurance.
• On-time delivery.
• We have the necessary Infrastructure in place.
• Our exceptional team.
• The cost is affordable.
• Belief in cost-cutting and innovation.
• A complete packaging solution is Already in place.

  • Greate Technology
  • Certified Engineers
  • Delivery Ontime
  • Best Branding

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