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In the past, if you wished to package deal and ship matters in long lasting containers, possibilities are you may also depend on a hammer and nails to create packing solutions. However, there is some other choice — Nailless Boxes & Corrugated Boxes – that would possibly keep you time, money, and be greater ecologically friendly.

You can also select the Product packaging solution that is appropriate for your organisation by way of figuring out some of the nail-free alternatives available, and you may get a wide variety of fantastic advantages in return. Plywood Boxes with Nailless.

Nail Less Box Suppliers In India

We provide a wide range of nail less boxes, which have been used in the auto component industry for many years, and we are the best Nail less box suppliers & nailless boxes manufacturers in India. Producing lightweight nail less boxes & reusable Nail less boxes. We are well-known for producing nail-free boxes for crankshafts, cylinder liners, fuel tank blocks, fly wheels, engines, and other components.In our nail-less box range isso affodable,and also we are the most remarkable Nail Less Box Suppliers and one of the best Nailless Boxes Manufacturers in India. we have many different concepts that can be classified as returnable boxes, collapsible boxes, and reconfigurable boxes (with all sides loose, which can be assembled at clients end). These boxes are portable, attractive, and simple to assemble and dissembled (only 1-2 minutes) and are largely acknowledged all around world. Foldy Packaging are best in Nail less Box Suppliers, Nailless Boxes Manufacturers in India and Lightweight Nail Less Boxes, Reusable Nail Less Boxes

Nailless free plywood boxes are the greatest medium for setting up a sturdy, nail-free packaging and delivery solution. Plywood boxes are easy to assemble and may additionally be folded down to take up little storage area if they are not nailed together. These alternatives are best for long-term storage and transit, as nicely as export shipments. Foldy Packaging Pvt. Ltd. provides you a vary of 6-piece, 4-piece and 3-piece nail-less boxes.


Quick Assembly

Simple and Safe





Features :

  • Clean surfaces reducing the risk of the scratches on the product.
  • Solid: Highly resistant to falls and stacking
  • Suitable for all form of light weight to heavy products.
  • Highly precision products ensure the consistency in product.

Benefits :

  • Delivered and stored flat
  • Strong, Robust and Hard to break.
  • Can be made to measure starting at 25 units
  • Suitable for all types of transport (air-land-sea)
  • Available in stock for standard dimensions
  • Can be personalised (markings, handles, packing material, etc.)
  • Designed with a pallet suitable for the box and its contents

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6 Piece Box
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4 Piece Box
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3 Piece Box


6 Piece Box

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Foldy Packaging Pvt. Ltd

4 Piece Box

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